Rounding out our phenomenal coaching team is MICHELE HALL. She’ll be teaching us all about BAREFOOT MOVEMENT, which will strengthen the feet and lower legs, improve touch and posture and help with all aspects of our training! More information on the Coaches page.

Travelling to the Clamjamfrie?


Make sure you join this group on Facebook.

This group is for people who are travelling to Glasgow for the event. For those who need a place to stay, we can help you find someone with a spare bed for the weekend, or offer advice on hostels/ locations, etc.
And, if you’ve got any general questions about Glasgow, getting around, to and from the airport, good places to get food and other important stuff like that, this is a place to post them up and we’ll give you our best answer.

Venue Announcement- CROSSFIT GLASGOW



We’re very excited to announce that Crossfit Glasgow will be the meeting place for both days of the Clamjamfrie, and will host us for several of the skills seminar.

Crossfit Glasgow is an impressive venue, with a fun rig to play on, and we can’t wait to get in there for some training!

If you’re interested in Crossfit, check out their website (or Facebook or follow em on Twitter) for details on their classes, including their Fundamentals course, which is a great way to learn the skills and techniques of Crossfit and functional fitness in a safe and effective way. The coaches at Crossfit Glasgow really know their stuff, and the community is second to none for the support they provide all comers!

CrossFit Glasgow Sign top

Coaching announcement


Rounding out our team of chief coachesĀ is Tess Gunnarsson. Coming all the way from Uppsala, Sweden, she’s one of the people who runs the Uppsala Girls’ Gathering, and we’re so happy to have her here for the Clamjamfrie. See the Coaches page for more information.tess2

Exciting changes!!


We’re happy to announce a change to Sunday’s training at the Clamjamfrie!

On Sunday, the event will be open to people of all genders, as well as of all levels of experience and ability, to come along a play. A one-day ticket for Sunday will get you a morning of structured training in groups rotating through sessions with our amazing coaching team, and an afternoon of more loosely structured, jam-style training, with a choice of set challenges, or time to work on your own challenges with help from our coaches.

There will be Circus and Strength seminars in the morning on Sunday, but these will only be open for those with a two-day ticket (so they’ll remain women*-only sessions.)

Tickets are limited to make sure you get yours here!